2017 brings a whole new version of the site. I hope you enjoy the layout and content.

The History of The Streaming Bible

It's an ongoing effort to stay on-top of technology, while making it seamless, and easy for the user to find, listen, and enjoy the site's content. Here's a few milestones.

Aug. 2010

An Idea is Born

In early August of 2010, while having a rough day at work and I didn't have my Bible with me, I decided to look for an easy to use audio Bible online. After searching for a good amount of time without luck, I decided to develop The Streaming Bible. I laid the framework down and everyday when I got home from work, I worked way into the late hours of the night to develop a site that was easy to use and straight to the point. No ads. No click-through. No nonsense.


The Site Goes Live

A few days after my birthday on September 19th, 2010 at 1:00am in the morning, I finally finished The Streaming Bible website and made it live to the world. I began a very small Google Adwords campaign, and within a couple weeks we were receiving a few thousands hits a week. We began receiving very positive feedback from people who were becoming close to God, and becoming more aware of His love for them through the site.  My wife and I were very pleased with the site and the overall outcome.


Word Begins to Spread

In December 2010, the site's traffic was growing drastically by the week, and we started to become a little worried about the financial strain it could take on our family.  We began to sell the audio bibles to help pay the site's expenses, and to our astonishment within 3 days, we had our first order.  While it helped very little, it gave us hope that we can continue to keep the site online.


A New Year, New Ideas

As a way of helping us  afford to keep the site online, I began working on our Audio Bible for the Android platform.  We launched the application in early March, and it quickly grew to be a very popular, and well praised application in the market.  In April, after receiving a Roku as a gift from my wife (because I wanted a completely wireless home), I decided to branch our site out even more, and launch our own channel on the Roku streaming device. We quickly became one of the most downloaded channels on the Roku market.


1 Million Hits a Month

In July of 2011, we had our first month to receive over a million hits a month.  Not bad for a family run site that has been up less than one year.


The Streaming Bible Version 2.0

While our site and users have grown, I feel we can reach more Christians and help those in need to become closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  With the many new features, allowing our users and community to educate and interact with those with less knowledge learn God's Word.


The Streaming Bible Version 3.0

This is the 3rd version and reconstruction of The Streaming Bible. 2017 brings... 3.0



Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman:

Proverbs 7 : 4 KJV



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